Sunday Money Roundup – Enough Is Surely Enough Edition.

Enough is enough. Seriously. I just mowed my lawn last week and now it’s snowing out. By later today it will be 65 degrees, all the snow will melt, and all the roads will turn to sticky mud. I know I live in the mountains, and I know the weather here can be sketchy, but still…it’s April 19 and it just snowed. Even where I grew up on the East Coast we rarely got snow this late in the season. I just want to put my snow boots away! While I go sit in the sun and wait for the next blizzard, enjoy these posts that caught my eye over the past week…

Money Ning has 25 Debt Reduction Tips For Your Immediate Action Plan. Every tip helps!

Moolanomy wants to teach you about the Cash Envelope Budgeting System.

Frugal Dad talks about the Advantages Of Renting and Borrowing Over Buying. I am a big believer in renting expensive things that are rarely used!

Cash Money Life gives out some advice on What Happens if You Miss the Tax Deadline. Hopefully you didn’t, but if you did, Patrick is here to help.

My Dollar Plan gives you a Frugal Entertainment Rule: You Must Try Redbox. I have heard they are pretty good, but I still like my Netflix!

Remodeling This Life talks about Going Without.

Steadfast Finances asks “Could You Be an Economic Survivalist?” Well…could you?

Free From Broke has 12 Things Every Teenager Needs To Know About Money (And How To Teach Them).

Squawkfox tells us the 14 Things to Do Before and After a Car Accident. Thankfully, they are OK.

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  1. FFB says:

    That does sound like cray weather! Is it in Lake Tahoe where you go skiing in your shorts ’cause the top of the mountain has snow but at the bottom it’s 70 degrees?

    Hope the weather evens out for you!

  2. David says:

    Yep, people do that here too. Somedays its so warm even at the top of the mountain you can ski in shorts and a tanktop!