Sunday Money Roundup – Amex Gold Card Points Edition.

I have written before about how I have used points from various cards and programs (like MyPoints, which I love) to get free merchandise and trips, but I am finally ready to trade in my American Express Gold Business Card points on something worthwhile. I haven’t decided on exactly what, as I am deciding between an LCD TV for my office/second living room or a Bose 3-2-1 home stereo system that could replace my 14 year old receiver and speakers. Decisions, decisions – but not a bad choice to have to make! On to the roundup…

Cash Money Life answers the question “Should I Pay Off Student Debt or Save Money?

Five Cent Nickel fills you in on what a 529 plan is.

Money Ning wants to know what drives you to be frugal.

Corporate Barbarian is reviewing Die Broke by Stephen M. Pollan. Here is Part 1 of this great series.

Paid Twice talks about their recession experience thus far.

Yielding Wealth wants to know if you have an emergency fund. So, do you?

Simple. Organized. Life. has 5 Things I Am Thankful For.

Wealth Pilgrim talks about “The Big Money Secret I Learned As A Trapeze Artist“.

Gather Little By Little says “Live 30 days on a budget – I dare you!

Man Vs. Debt wants you to Tap Your Social Network To Buy/Sell Used. I think this is a great idea!

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  1. Patrick says:

    That’s a lot of points, Dave! I usually go for the cash back. It’s easier to track. 🙂