Book Giveaway: ‘The Cure For Money Madness’.

This giveaway is now closed.As I promised yesterday, it’s time for yet another book giveaway. This time it is for “The Cure For Money Madness” by Spencer Sherman. This is a book that wants you to “Break Money Habits, Live Without Financial Stress – And Make More Money!”, so I am sure it will be of some use to a lucky reader. Money Madness, as the author uses the phrase, is basically anything that stops us from achieving whatever goals we have set for ourselves; we always seem to hinder our ability to get there in one way or another. And believe me, I have been there too and fought hard to get my financial house in order! Sherman takes a look at irrational feelings about money that so many of us have and how those feelings make us act completely irrational – we buy high and sell low, we overspend, we lie to ourselves and our significant others, and we equate our self-worth with our net-worth. (Something I struggled with myself for a while) Luckily, he takes us through how we got this “madness”, shows us how it can affect us, and teaches us how to free ourselves from it’s tight grip. One of the last chapters, Chapter 10, is titled “Enough – Finding Your Sufficiency“, which is something I preach about all the time here on My Two Dollars. He even mentions a trip to New Mexico when talking about “enough”, which is pretty funny considering that’s where I live! When do you reach your “enough” point? I reached mine a few years ago and have lived very comfortably since then. If you are still looking for yours, this book will definitely help you find it!

So, how can you win the copy of this book? Well, it’s going to be different this time because of various reasons I won’t get into here for now. Inside the RSS feed and the Daily Emails that people can subscribe to, there will be a secret code word at the bottom that you will have to email me in order to enter. If you don’t have my email address already, you can use the contact form to send it to me. From all entries that are received, I will use a random number generator to choose a winner. The giveaway closes Thursday morning, April 30th at 7am MST, and the winner will be notified soon thereafter. Contest open to US residents only, and the book will be shipped via media mail from the USPS. Good luck to everyone, and if you don’t win, be on the lookout for another giveaway in a week or so!This giveaway is now closed.

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