Get Your Mom The Gift Of Time For Mother’s Day.

She doesn’t need more crap to clutter up the house, I promise you that. Throughout my teenage years and into my twenties, I always felt like I had to get my mom something for Mother’s Day. Something, anything – a frame with the word “Love” on it, a nice picture, some flowers that die in a few days. I can only think back on all the extra “stuff” I bought for her that ended up in a landfill someplace over the years. Only recently have I started thinking that buying stuff isn’t really what a Mom would want; after all, it’s just extra things to keep around the house. Instead, I am of the firm opinion that giving TIME is much more of a gift that someone would appreciate, and it costs you nothing. And that’s not because you are cheap – in fact it means quite the opposite. Buying “stuff” is easy, anyone can do that. But taking the time out of the day to call your mom for a while, take her out to lunch, do something she has always wanted to do – that’s being thoughtful.

Granted, I live about 2000 miles away from my mom – so I cannot exactly take her out for dinner. But I will be sure to call on Mother’s Day and chat about anything she wants. Ask them questions about what they are doing that week, what they want to get done this year, or what they still dream they will get done in their life. We oftentimes forget that Moms are people too, especially as we get older and get wrapped up in our day to day hectic lives. So this Mother’s Day, don’t just pick up some crappy plastic “thing” to send to her – give her the gift of some of your time. It’s much more valuable.

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  1. The gift of time is definitely the best gift you can give! I lost my mom two years ago, and all of the silly things I gave her over the years are completely unimportant now- what is left is the wonderful memories of great days we spent together just cooking or baking or talking!

  2. david says:

    I agree – when I lost my dad years ago, I realized that the time I spent, and the memories, was way more valuable than anything I could have ever bought or received.

  3. Sherin says:

    By all means, you are right and time is the best price a person can give to their mom. go ahead and that will be the best one you can ever give.