Think You Can’t Garden In The City To Save Money? Think Again.

As most of you know, I also run a website dedicated to environmental issues called The Good Human. (If you are into that stuff, check it out) I talk a lot over there about “being green” and stuff like that, but today I wanted to point something out here for those of you looking to save money by doing some gardening at home – but feel like you cannot because you live in the city. One of my favorite inspirational sites for “homesteading in the city” is Path To Freedom. This family has taken the idea of urban farming to an all new level by having an entire ecosystem and farm on their 1/5 of an acre lot in Pasadena, CA.. The yard has over 350 varieties of edible and useful plants, and their productive 1/10 acre organic garden now grows over 6,000 pounds (3 tons) of produce annually. 3. tons. of. vegetables. Amazing. In addition, these urban farmers share their homestead with a menagerie of animals — chickens, ducks, two rescued cats, red wiggler worms (which compost garbage) and two goats (Nigerian Dwarf and a Pygmy goat.

Still think you cannot grow food or raise animals in a small space? Makes me think I should have a working steer ranch on my several acres, that’s for sure! If you are looking for more advice and inspiration on growing your own food for your health and your wallet, check out the following:

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My Square-Foot Garden Overfloweth

Never say never!

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