10 iPhone Applications That Will Help You With Your Finances.

As an iPhone owner and user, I can appreciate how certain applications can really make life easier. I have tons of stuff on my phone for all different purposes, but the one thing I don’t have is any kind of application to save me some money. So I went looking, and I am in the process of trying out some various programs. Here are some of the first ones I started trying out, and while I cannot vouch for any of them yet, some of them look promising. (Note, some of the links open the iTunes store directly, and others go to the respective website and review)

Fuel Log



Shared Expenses

Save Benjis


ILeaseMyCar Pro


iCredit Calculator

Got Expenses Lite

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  1. sam says:

    They are really good iphone apps, I am so excited about all the new iphone apps that are becoming available my phone is going to be full of make money tools

  2. I love my iPhone but one one the things I love about it is how easier it make my life in terms of keeping up with $. I got AceBudget for budgeting and everytime we do a transaction I write it down to keep track of the envelope’s money! I have the lite version for sinking funds and Balance for my blow money. I also downloaded LOGBOOKLITE to keep track of the fuel gas. It uses the method we did by hand, where we put the money spent in gas, how much we did (full tank or 3/4 tank) and how much was the gas right then. I downloaded the mint one BUT I don’t use it since we use the envelope system and in that way is not that useful. I might try your other suggestions though… 🙂