Sunday Money Roundup – Green Festival Edition.

This weekend I am up in Denver again at the Green Festival and hopefully having a good time. While I learn about more green stuff, take a look at some articles that caught my eye over the last week. Enjoy!

Money Ning has some tips on saving money on auto insurance. Great advice.

Being Frugal talks about budget cuts in her school system and the choice they had to make concerning her kids.

Cash Money Life has an interesting post up titled How to Decide Whether to Be a Stay at Home Mom or Working Mom.

The Wisdom Journal has 8 Reasons to Ditch Your Cell Phone Insurance, Unless You’re A REAL Klutz. I agree, and have never carried cell phone insurance. I have much better things to spend money on every month!

Remodeling This Life talks about all the completed projects around her home. Want to read about someone who really puts the work into making her house a home? Check out Emily’s site.

My Dollar Plan is closing on their first rental property. Congrats!

Green Panda Treehouse wants to help you Save Money on Health Insurance, Doctors Visits, and Prescription Medicine. We all need help with that!

Mrs. Micah tells us Why You Could Not Pay Me Enough to Film My Life. I agree 100%. Unless it was for $1billion dollars, as then I could really change lives and no one else would have to have their lives filmed.

Bible Money Matters has 10 Practical Ways To Save Money And Increase Your Net Worth.

Moolanomy says that College Students Should Take Responsibility For Their Financial Situation. I couldn’t agree more, even if I didn’t back when I was in school. Hindsight is always 20/20.

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  1. Thanks for the link, David! I do spend a lot of time making this house home 🙂

  2. Pinyo says:

    Denver is a cool place. I loved it when I went there. I hope you enjoyed it.