Money Quote Friday – Kindness Of The Back Roads Edition.

“The everyday kindness of the back roads more than makes up for the acts of greed in the headlines.” – Charles Kuralt

I agree 100% with this quote. After living in LA for all those years, and now living in a very small, rural community, there truly is a difference in how people treat each other. Have a great weekend…

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  1. This so true and so easy to overlook. Sometimes we don’t truly see the goodness in others until we’re in a point of need. Too many times we’ll assume the worst because we’ve been trained that way.

    Sometimes I think God allows us to experience circumstances to show us His goodness.

    I remember a time my wife and I broke down on the freeway. We hobbled the car into a gas station with no real clue how to proceed. Our nearest source of help was many hours away.

    A stranger offered to help and my first thoughts were untrusting… but he helped us locate a hotel – it was very late – and took me to a parts store the next morning. He then proceeded to repair the car where it sat in the gas station parking lot.

    Truely amazing and something you’d never expect or read about but it’s powerful to experience.

    Thanks for inspiring me to share…

  2. david says:

    While I respect your thoughts on God, I have to think that our fellow men and women are just good people by nature – and it shows itself in communities where people are not out just for themselves. We can have that without God’s presence at all.