Credit Card Research: Biodegradable Discover More Card.

Since I get emails all the time asking about different credit cards and if people should be signing up for this, that, or the other one, this will be a new feature every week about different credit cards. This week’s card is the Biodegradable Discover More Card, which offers an intro 0% APR on purchases. A biodegradable card outta keep you out of debt, no? How can you spend if your card disappears! (If you are reading this by RSS, you might have to click through to see all the details)

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  1. Mkcoy says:

    When I first saw the title to this post I thought you meant a physically biodegradable credit card. I now realise what it means so thanks for learning me something new 🙂 5% cashback for regular payments is attractive but I guess you shouldn’t spend any more on the card than you normally do.