Free 60-Day Pass To BJ’s Wholesale Club.

While I have written about wholesale clubs before, and am still not sold on the idea for my needs, BJ’s Wholesale Club is currently offering 60-day free passes to try out their membership club. Like Costco and Sam’s Club, BJ’s offers tons of stuff in bulk and some at discount; my mom swears by her membership there. If you want to give a wholesale club a try for a few months without paying the membership fee, visit BJ’s Free Pass page and print out your copy of the pass. Here are some benefits that they say you get with a membership:

  • Save more than 30%** off supermarket prices on favorite brands
  • Multiply your savings with manufacturers’ coupons “” BJ’s accepts them all
  • Find more of the family-friendly sizes you use every day
  • More payment options “” BJ’s offers convenient ways to pay: cash, checks, major credit cards, EBT and debit cards

If you try them out, let me know what you think! I still am not sure that I need to join any of these, and even if I did, the nearest one is about 70 miles away – which kind of defeats the purpose saving money!

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  1. Meghan says:

    My husband and I recently got one of the 60-day coupons in the mail. We ended up with a membership and are very happy with it so far–cat food is literally half as much at BJ’s as it is where we’d been buying previously, and the savings over the course of three months will mean that the membership fee has already paid for itself.

    A tip if you’re using the coupons: When you get there, don’t go straight to the customer service counter. Instead, walk around the store and see what you think. If you like it, then go up to the counter. Why? Because for us, at least, when we presented our card, they offered us $10 off (in the form of a coupon) a 14-month (twelve, plus the two trial months) membership if we signed up right then. We’d already looked around the store and were ready to commit anyhow, so we got fourteen months for $35–not a bad deal at all, in my opinion.

    Overall, the store seems to be about on par with the rest of the big warehouse clubs. The real savings for us are on pet supplies (like I said, cat food is literally half as much as it is as Petsmart or WalMart), paper products, and children’s clothes.

    One of the nice things about BJ’s is that they accept manufacturer’s coupons. The way that they work it is a bonus, though, because if you’re buying, say, a three-pack of apple juice, and you have coupons for 75c off a single bottle of apple juice, you can give them three coupons and you’ll end up getting $2.25 off. We had a coupon for 50c off a six-pack of toilet paper, plus there was a coupon for a dollar off a 24-pack in the circular they gave us. We ended up getting four bucks off the pack. Combining the BJ’s-issued coupons with manufacturer’s coupons can get you some great deals.

  2. Want to know how long will it take to send the card