Credit Card Research: TrueEarnings Costco & American Express Card.

Since I get emails all the time asking about different credit cards and if people should be signing up for this, that, or the other one, this will be a new feature every week about different credit cards. This week’s card is the TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express. The TrueEarnings Card is designed for Costco members who have average credit and plan to take advantage of the cash back reward program. The cash rebate amount varies according to where the cardholder makes the purchase; 1% is earned on general purchases, 2% is earned for travel-related purchases, and 3% is earned for restaurant and on gasoline purchases up to $3000 (1% thereafter). There is no limit to the amount of cash rebates that can be earned. (If you are reading this by RSS, you might have to click through to see all the details)

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  1. I have this card. I have it particularly because I go to Costco and a large amount of my use is from my Costco runs. However, I think that I actually get more rewards from eating out–and eating out also meets fast food places.

  2. I actually just got this card along with a membership to Costco. I already have a different cash back card but I do really like the 3% on restaurants and gas (up to the $3k).