Sunday Money Roundup – Friends In Town Edition.

This weekend I am getting some visitors – a friend from high school (and his girlfriend) who I have not seen for about 6-7 years. They are passing through New Mexico on their way to their new home in Los Angeles and are stopping by for a night (should I charge them a room fee?); it will be good to see my old friend again. While we catch up, here are some articles that caught my eye this past week. Enjoy!

Money Ning talks about Side Hustle, Self Employed, Entrepreneurship.

Debt Free Adventure discusses the Powerful Advantages of Renting a Home Before Buying.

Frugal Dad asks an important question – “If You Could Only Take Three Things From Your Home, What Would They Be?” Mine would be my cat, my laptop computer, and my portable safe.

Cash Money Life wants to tell you about the Things to Consider When Leaving Your Job. I left my job years ago with no plan, and it worked out…but I don’t recommend it for everyone!

Free From Broke asks the question Do You Keep Money Secrets From Your Spouse?. Well, do you?

Being Frugal wants to help you Protect Your House While You’re on Vacation. I don’t need to worry about this, because someone would have to find my house first!

Mighty Bargain Hunter has a great article up titled “Five more great ways to slam the door on your customers“. Good stuff…

Green Panda Treehouse wants to help you find a reliable and trustworthy mechanic.

Living Almost Large asks if it is cheaper to drive or fly. Since I don’t fly, I always drive…unless I take the train, which is even better.

Money Smart Life wants to help you start a business this summer.

My Two Dollars also took place in a few carnivals this week as well:

The Carnival of Personal Finance #210, where my article “When Spending Money is Worth it” was chosen as an Editor’s Pick.

Money Hacks Carnival #70, where my article “If You Could Pick Your Benefits At Work, What Would You Pick?” was chosen as a best in category.

The Festival of Frugality, where the article “How To Get Your Monthly Electric Bill Below $25” was included.

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  1. FFB says:

    Sounds like good times. Enjoy and thanks for the mention!