Sunday Money Roundup – Taking A Short Break Edition.

Hope you all had a great 4th of July! Just wanted to let everyone know that I am going on a road trip back east for a few weeks to see some family, some old friends, and to just take some time off from working. I will still be publishing some articles while I am gone, but they won’t be every day as they are normally. “See” you when I get back!

Saving For Serenity asks the question “Affluence and Poverty: Where Do We Belong?

Money Ning talks about something I plan on doing soon – A Volunteer Vacation.

Gather Little By Little writes about some things that are worth spending money on…and I agree with him on these items!

Five Cent Nickel wants you to Avoid Do-It-Yourself Disasters.

Moolanomy wants to help you Achieve Financial Freedom One Expense At A Time.

Debt Free Adventure writes about following through on your financial goals. Everyone needs help with this one!

Mrs. Micah talks about the new income-based student loan payment plans.

Almost Frugal wants to help you Take a Vacation from High Prices on Travel.

No Credit Needed talks about Breaking Bad Financial Habits. You know you need help with this one!

Weakonomics finishes out the roundup this week with a post about The Fascinating World Behind Credit Cards And Fraud Detection.

See you soon!

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