Sunday Money Roundup – Weeds, Weeds, Weeds Edition.

Yesterday, I spent 6 hours doing yard work at my house. The ragweed had taken over my lawn while I was on vacation, so I came back to what looked like a patch of rainforest in South America – and it took me that long to try to pull all of it out and ready it for burning! While I take it easy today with some reading and a few beers, here are some articles that caught my eye over the past week. Enjoy!

Money Ning answers the question “How to Determine Whether an Alternative is Good Enough“.

Cash Money Life, who just added a baby to their family, talks about the unexpected ways having a baby changed their budget. Congrats again Patrick!

Generation X Finance advises you Not to Waste Money Financing a Car for More Than 3-5 Years. 5 years is the max I would ever go for sure!

Debt Free Adventure has some great advice for paying off debt while saving an emergency fund called The Balanced 75/25 Method.

Being Frugal wrote the kind of post I truly love, about looking at the big picture. A must read.

Consumerism Commentary discusses the Take Back The Beep Campaign. Never heard of it? You should.

Frugal Dad tells you about some places for you to Save Birthday Money For Kids.

Moolanomy reminds us all that the best way to save money is to make it automatic. I have money sent from my checking to my savings account every week!

Free Money Finance had a guest post on the site titled “Your Job, Your Investments, and Total Diversification“. It’s a very good read and one you shouldn’t miss.

Almost Frugal wants you to rethink your shopping patterns. Is this something you need to do?

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  1. Patrick says:

    Yard work is only fun when there is a cold beer waiting for you afterward. 😉

  2. Thanks for the link- and welcome back!

  3. David says:

    Yard work and beer, they go together like peanut butter and jelly!

    Thanks for the links, lots of great stuff.

  4. Miranda says:

    We just planted our lawn. The grass is coming up — and so are the weeks. We have been trying to keep up!