7 Days, 7 Ways To Save-Daily Tips That Really Add Up.

No matter how many ways you stretch that paycheck”¦ it can wind up feeling like there’s just too much month left at the end of the money. So, with skyrocketing prices on everything from groceries and gas to homes and cars, is there a realistic way to save without living like a church mouse? Absolutely.

Believe it or not, making small changes throughout the week can add up to big savings year round. Here’s a day by day guide to get you started. Implement these seven tips, and you could easily save up to $100 in a single month.

Monday- Home Brewed Savings

Investing in a quality travel mug (check out ReusableBags.com for safe ones) and a bag of premium roast coffee from your local grocery store can help you wean yourself off of your morning coffee shop habit””saving you anywhere from $10-35 per week, depending on what you order. Or, for a little variety from your everyday office java routine, try buying a box of teabags and keeping them in your desk. Most workplaces have free hot water, and a box of tea will probably run you less than $3. Try green tea for antioxidants and an energy boost, or a soothing jasmine blend for those stressful Monday morning meetings.

Tuesday- Ditch the Subscriptions

Most magazines and Newspapers are now available online, eliminating the need for home delivery or those impulsive drug store buys. Getting your news, gossip and fashion tips from your computer can save you a bundle over the glossier versions. Also, you might want to check out your local library for DVDs, CDs, magazines, and books. The selection is surprisingly varied- and you can’t beat free!

Wednesday- Shop Smarter

Rising prices can make shoppers feel like they’re buying gold instead of groceries, but there are ways to make the experience less painful. Making a list- and sticking to it- can help reduce impulse buys. Free online coupon services can add up to big savings. (Just don’t buy something simply because you have a coupon. A good rule of thumb is to only print coupons for the things you were going to buy anyway) And finally, take advantage of your local discount grocery or “dollar deal” stores, especially for canned or boxed goods, school supplies, and hygiene or cleaning supplies. Which brings us to”¦

Thursday- Cheap Cleaning

Cleaning supplies are expensive, smelly, and (if you have little ones or pets) can be downright dangerous. Trying some affordable alternatives to chemically produced products can help you save both money and the environment. Vinegar and water make a great glass cleaner, and a baking soda paste will leave everything from your laundry to your pots and pans sparkling clean. Other eco-friendly money savers include only running the washer or dryer when they’re full, and setting you’re a/c to 84 when you leave the house. (Check out The Natural Way To Clean Everything In Your House.)

Friday- Get Organized to Save

We’ve all done it”¦ we get a bill in the mail, set it aside with every intention of paying it, and the next thing we know, it’s been swallowed up by the desk clutter; where we promptly forget about it until the next one comes””with a late fee attached. Taking one day out of the week to organize your bills and straighten your finances can save you a fortune in late charges and bank overdrafts. And, in theory, since you’re doing it once a week, it shouldn’t take much time at all.

Saturday- Double up on Cooking

There are literally dozens of recipies that don’t take much more time, effort, or money to make twice as much of. Try making extra lasagna, chili, or pork chops on Saturday night, and stashing the surplus in the freezer. Then, instead of reaching for the phone to order a pizza on a day when you don’t feel like cooking after work, just pop your homemade “TV dinner” in the oven.

Sunday- Free Fun

Often, saving money means cutting back on weekend activities. But with a little creativity, you can have an affordable adventure at the end of your week. For a date that’s as romantic as it is free, check out your local art gallery openings. (Appetizers, wine, and insight”¦ all in one night) For some family friendly fun, look into your local department of parks and recreation; most of them offer entertainment and classes for the whole clan and great rates. Or, grab a map and play “tourist” in your own town. You’d be surprised at what you miss on a daily basis as you rush through your day.

Saving money doesn’t have to be a painful process. Making a few smart choices every week can lead to your savings account blossoming in no time”¦ What else would you add to the list?

The above was a guest post from Jeff Roberts.

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  1. fern says:

    On the subject of magazine subscriptions, i have notice that many magazines have lowered their prices. They’re really dirt cheap now. Most print publications, whether newspapers or magazines, are in trouble becus there are so many other options to get your news from.

    I now get probably too many magazine subscriptions, though several of them are free due to my job, but i do plan on letting a few lapse.

  2. kristen says:

    So what would you recommend for saving money to people who already do all of these things? For example:

    We brew our coffee at home every morning – coffee shop coffee is a treat.

    We only get free magazine subscriptions through online offers or extra travel miles and we read the paper online.

    We coupon and only buy what’s on sale at the store, and plan our meals according to the circulars.

    We never buy cleaners (mostly ’cause we don’t want all those chemicals in our house and around our kids) and have been using vinegar and baking soda for years.

    All of our bills than can be automated, are, and I do the books at least weekly. Our only debt is a car payment and we pay extra on that every month.

    I don’t batch cook and freeze, because I think it’s gross, but I always have stuff around to make a quick meal when things get crazy – like sandwich makings and pasta and sauce.

    Most of the activities we do are free already – living in San Francisco, we have a lot of great opportunities.

    We also don’t have cable, we bundle our phone, wireless, and DSL, we watch Hulu and use Netflix, and check out books and CD’s from the library.

    These ideas are great for people who can cut back to these, but what about those of us who already do? How can we help stretch those dollars?

  3. david says:

    Kristen, that is always a good question that all of us are always trying to answer. Anyone want to chime in? I try to write often about different ways to save money, but it’s hard to always come up with new ways! 🙂

  4. kristen says:

    I know that some of these will be groundbreaking for some people – there was a time in my life when I didn’t have kids and had more disposable income and bought a coffee out every day, but there’s GOT to be ways people like me can save even more.

    The little things we do that increase our quality of life without breaking the bank could be cut, but I feel that tends toward miserliness, which can lead to dissatisfaction.

    For example, we do buy wine and liquor for home use – but we don’t go out to bars – so we save money by making drinks at home, but we could save more by not buying liquor at all.

    But when my girlfriends and I want to get together – it’s much more frugal to make a few cocktails at home than to go buy a few cocktails for the price of a bottle of vodka!

    So yeah, sure, we could save money by having tea, for example – but let’s be honest – sometimes mommies need a drink!

    It’s tough to be at this point – where all the regular advice doesn’t apply, because you’re already there. It’s like a game, though! I’m always looking for more ways to save money!

    Love the blog; thanks for what you do.

  5. David says:

    Very quickly—-

    Pay your bills online (no more stamps, more time)

    Brown bag it to work, the savings are huge.

    Get serious about grocery shopping, the
    savings are unbeliievable.

    Turn off/down appliances wherever and whenever you can.

  6. frugalgrad says:

    If we want to read newspaper or magazine, us college student just go to the bookstore and stay there for an hour to read any available news and gossips in the whole wide world. No more subscription. Had it before, hardly read it at all AND wondering why I kept sending money to them, for what? I don’t need it then why pay for it.

  7. Ellen S. says:

    The concept of “saving money” is easier said than done for most people. I understand that it is ‘easy and logical’ for some people, but I also understand it can be a difficult habit to break for others.

    If you’re looking to save money or change your lifestyle, my advice is to take it in “baby-steps” because it won’t happen overnight. Here are some tips that helped me out.

    1. Always pay more than the minimum on any credit card payments – if you don’t believe me you can calculate it for yourself (http://www.csgnetwork.com/creditcardmincalc.html)
    2. Use coupons when grocery shopping
    3. Try online shopping – it’s saves on gas & they have bigger markdowns (http://www.shoptivity.com)
    4. Read a book – it’s cheaper than going to a movie (http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/)
    5. Know your budget! (https://www.dl.ed.gov/borrower/BudgetCalculator.do)

    Good luck and happy savings!