Sunday Money Roundup – L.A. Friend In Town Edition.

It’s always great when people come visit you, isn’t it? This weekend I am hosting a good friend from Los Angeles – can’t wait to see what he thinks of New Mexico! On to the roundup…

Thanks to Budgets are Sexy for hosting this weeks Carnival of Personal Finance, where my article “Cut Spending By Looking At Hours Of Work Put In To Pay For Stuff” was chosen as an Editor’s Pick, and to Frugal Upstate, for hosting this weeks Festival of Frugality!

Cash Money Life talks about The Latte Factor on Steroids: 5 Small Changes That Can Make You Big Money.

Good Financial Cents provides advice on How To Survive a Stock Market Crash.

Brip Blap talks about the myth of stable employment. I try to explain this to people who ask if I am worried about being self-employed. Even when you have a “real” job, nothing is ever promised or secure!

Mrs. Micah has 9 Small College Expenses that Add Up to Big Bucks.

Green Panda Treehouse wants you to Achieve More By Having Smart Goals. Great advice!

Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge has some Coin Jar Woes. Can you help out with any other options for next time?

Single Guy Money says that Cash is King, and I agree! Except, well, when I use credit. 😉

Queercents has a great post up titled “The Gay Tax Shelter: Exploiting IRS Non-Recognition of Gay Marriage to Save Money“. Love it!

Moolanomy has 9 really weird ways to make money.

Punny Money tells us Why Writing “See ID” on Credit Cards Is The Worst Thing You Can Do. Never thought of it that way!

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  1. Thanks for the mention!

  2. mapgirl says:

    Thanks for the link! If people want to enter the Giveaway contest, they can enter a guess on the Giveaway post. 🙂

  3. Alan says:

    Your article on this blog is fantastic.
    Well done! I’m a big fan of your blog and be sure to keep up the great work.
    I plan on returning and linking to your site.
    Alan H.