Sunday Money Roundup – Long, Long Weekend Edition.

While every weekend could be a long weekend for me if I so wanted them to be (ah, self-employment), this one is special because I have friends coming into town to celebrate Labor Day. Hope you guys all have something nice planned for this 3 day weekend! I just want to start off this week’s roundup by thanking Automatic Finances for hosting the Money Hacks Carnival #80, where my post “Trying A ‘No Spending’ Weekend” was chosen as an Editor’s Pick. Thank you!

And now, let’s move on to the roundup of my favorite articles from the past week…

Money Ning tries to answer the question “How Much Money Should I Leave My Children?

The Wisdom Journal says that it is never too late for college financial aid.

Generation X Finance gives out advice on whether or not you should be buying disability insurance.

My Dollar Plan helps you to Save for Multiple Goals.

Cash Money Life has the Best Student Credit Cards.

Being Frugal, in continuing her Tightwad Tuesday series, talks about the wonders of vinegar and all its uses.

Free From Broke has a valuable article up titled “9 Things Stress Can Prevent You From Accomplishing“. Everyone should read this one!

Debt Free Adventure teaches you how to use spending filters to save money.

Good Financial Cents, someone who definitely knows what he is talking about, talks about 10 year treasury bond rates.

Amateur Asset Allocator answers the question “How Are Life Insurance Premiums Set?

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  1. Patrick says:

    I’d love to have a 3 day weekend every week… I’d even take a pay cut to allow that to happen. Alas, it’s not in the cards with my current job. Have fun with your friends!

  2. FFB says:

    The 3-day weekend is even better when you can share it with friends! Thanks for the mention and enjoy Labor Day!

  3. Lynnae says:

    Have a great time with your friends! I’m looking forward to doing absolutely nothing tomorrow.

    Thanks for the mention!