2GB Free Online Storage From Dropbox.com

The bulk of this article was originally posted at my sister site, Simple.Organized.Life. Some of you may wonder why I am posting this here on My Two Dollars, but the reason should be obvious — frugality! Who can’t use 2 GB of free online storage?

I have talked before about how I have 2 computers – my MacBookPro and my MacPro Tower. While I am in the process of consolidating everything to my brand new laptop, occasionally I find myself working on the desktop when I need a bigger screen for photo or video editing…and then needing a file that is back on the laptop. And if the laptop isn’t on and connected to my network, I have to go through the process of booting it up, connecting to the network, sending the file to the desktop, etc.. Or at least I would have had to do that…but no more. I am now using something called Dropbox which allows me to sync files between computers, access them from anywhere, even on different operating systems, and let’s me also share files with anyone else I want to give access to. When you put something in your “dropbox”, it is instantly available on any other computer where you have it installed – pretty cool, right? I can even access the files on my iPhone. And while another of my favorite pieces of software, Evernote, is fantastic for syncing notes and web clippings, Dropbox lets you backup/save/sync/access any kind of file.

The best part? They give you 2GB of storage and syncing for free. And in my book, nothing beats free online storage for files or backups. I don’t even have a paid account yet, as I just use my free 2GB to store things I know I might need to use on the other computer sometime. For my needs at this very moment, the free account does me just fine. And, for every friend you introduce to Dropbox, they will give both you and your friend free 250 MB of bonus space up to 3 GB. (That includes you and I – we’re friends, right?) It has allowed me to clean up my act on the files I need to access on both my computers and has never given me any problem at all. I feel de-cluttered and organized, knowing I can access those files from anywhere and they are no longer on both computers in different stages of completion/use.

Even if you never buy more space from them, having 2 GB of free storage online is very convenient for accessing some files or sending a large file to a friend or colleague. Besides, did I mention it’s free?

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  1. kathryn Lancaster says:

    Please send the free 2GB of space to my e-mail