Time For Another Free Gift Card From MyPoints.

For those of you who don’t remember, back in November of last year I redeemed over 14,000 points from my MyPoints account for a $100 gift card to Amazon.com. Those points were just some of my balance that I had acquired over time for reading emails sent to me from MyPoints. Well, the emails are still coming and so are the points! I have almost 10,000 points in my account, and I plan on redeeming 7,500 of them for a $50.00 Amazon.com gift card. For about a minute a day, at most, of looking at a few emails, I keep getting these free gift cards once or twice a year. It’s not a bad deal if you ask me!

You can redeem the points in your account for gift cards from all sorts of merchants, from CVS to Marriott hotels to Kohls – there are a ton available. And for some cool ways to earn bonus points right now on the site when you sign up, you can check these out:

  • Sign up for Netflix or Blockbuster home video delivery and get 1,000 points
  • Get 10 points per dollar spent at Barnes & Noble
  • Receive 5,000 points for filling out a form for insurance quotes
  • Get 300 points for buying printer ink from 123InkJets

The one thing I would advise you to do would be to make/get another email address to use for MyPoints so the emails they send don’t get mixed up with your “regular” email. But after years of using them, I have never had any problems with spam or anything else. If you aren’t using them, you are missing out on free gift cards for a tiny amount of work – I highly recommend their service. I know people always have reservations signing up for these types of things, but I can tell you firsthand that I have nothing but positive things to say about them.

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  1. I’m definitely with you on this David. I’ve been with MyPoints for a while, and used to transfer my points into a Hilton Honors account to get more free nights, but alas they have disolved that partnership, which is my biggest complaint with them: the reduction in rewards partners. I remember when it used to be terribly difficult to decide on which partner to use the redemption on. Other than that, I absolutely love it, and if you take the time to do the surveys, you get more than the 5 e-mail points too. Definitely people are missing out on some easy freebies here.

  2. David says:

    Yea, they have cut a few reward programs out, but so far I still can find things that I want!