My Biggest Money-Saving Tip About Moving…And More.

Save your moving boxes. That’s it! I have used the same moving boxes for my last 3 moves and will be using them for my move coming up here in a few weeks. While most people can get boxes for free by looking at Freecycle or Craigslist, quite often you end up having to buy some – and they aren’t cheap. Moving a house could cost you hundreds of dollars for the boxes alone! That is why, after each of my moves, I have just unassembled the boxes and stored them somewhere out of the way. Once folded flat, they barely take up any space and they save you from spending yet another fortune on boxes the next time you move. I know I am glad I didn’t throw mine away!


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Frugal Moving Tips

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  1. Patrick says:

    Great tip. I saved a lot of boxes from my last move, but I know we will need quite a few more for our next move. Good boxes should last you several moves, so don’t throw them out!

  2. Bo says:

    I am in the process of packing as well (moving on Friday), so your posts have been timely for me! I agree about the boxes (I vowed to save my current boxes for my next move). I found that Whole Foods has been the best place (and most cooperative) for me to get boxes. I called them twice – the first time, they said to come at the end of the day and the boxes would be waiting, and the second they said come in 30 minutes and they would have a dozen for me. Note: always call the stores first, so they can keep the boxes aside for you (otherwise they will probably be compacted).

  3. Annie Jones says:

    Two moves ago, we downsized quite a bit and decided to invest in plastic (i.e., Rubbermaid, Sterilite) totes instead of boxes. While we were in the small place, we were able to store our things in them, then used them again to move where we live now. We’ve also loaned them to others for moving. It’s quite a bit of money upfront, but if you know you’ll be moving again in the foreseeable future, it can be a wise investment.

  4. Best tip is to make a lot of money and keep your lifestyle the same!

  5. fal says:

    This is a good tip if you have the space to store the boxes. i’ll probably end up doing this for the photocopier paper boxes that i use for my books. they are the perfect size for heavier items.

    But i think the one thing you are missing is that all you need to do is go to the back of a retail building and look for the cardboard recycling bin. they are usually huge and most retail employees don’t take the time to tear up the boxes. they’ll just cut out the tape and fold the box.

    I’ve found a lot of heavy duty boxes for moving this way. i’d highly recommend going to the back of a barnes and nobles, borders, or best buy. they are usually the places where i’ve found the best boxes. Also, i would not recommend going after it has rained because a lot of the recycle bins have their lids left open.

    But this is definitely a much easier way than actually *GASP* buying boxes!

  6. FFB says:

    It’s great if you can store the boxes but if you can’t it creates a ton of clutter. We’re going to try and hold onto a few boxes to store stuff we may not need but beyond that we can’t hold onto too many boxes. I like the comment about contacting stores about boxes. I’ll have to remember that.

  7. Another money-saving idea is to do it yourself! Movers are insanely expensive, and you’ll never meet one that cares more about your stuff than you do.

    Rent a truck on your own, call up any and all friends, order the pizza and pick up the beer and make a day out of it.

    It also helps if you have previously volunteered to help your friends move, for obvious reasons.

    Honestly, I love helping people move, and neverhave an issue getting help when I need it.

  8. David says:

    While I have done local moves myself, I always pay for long distance movers. It hurts the wallet, but it certainly makes my life easier. Besides, when you add up the truck, the supplies, the fuel, tolls, hotels, etc etc etc, hiring someone else to do it is often not that much more money. But local moves? Of course!

  9. David says:

    I agree – I kept all my flattened boxes in my garage, so it wasn’t a problem for us. But for apartment dwellers, this could be an issue!