Sunday Money Roundup – 3 More Weeks Edition.

Only 20 more days until I move! I have packed everything I can pack in advance, and am now just waiting to do the rest when the date gets closer. Very excited to move to my new city and looking forward to discovering all that it has to offer. (ps – If you are a pf blogger and would like to have a guest post published here on MTD while I am moving, just let me know!) While I stare at this pile of boxes, check out some articles that caught my eye over this past week:

Frugal Zeitgeist says that this Law of Attraction stuff is a load of hooey. I pretty much agree, too.

Mrs. Micah wants you to Save on Christmas Spending with Swagbucks.

The Digerati Life has some great tips for shopping at Costco even if you’re not a member.

Cash Money Life answers the question: What Can I Do About Increased Credit Card Interest Rates?

My Dollar Plan asks if you need a local bank.

Frugal Dad ran a great guest post titled 3 Easy Steps To Dump Your Resentments ““ And The Money You’ll Save When You Do.

Brip Blap talks about the side effects of transparency and blogging. It’s a difficult line to stay on, for sure.

Lazy Man & Money asks if Pottery Barn Give them a Refund…what do you think?

Home Ec 101 talks Vacuum Recommendations. I have a Dyson, and you couldn’t steal if from me if you try. It is hands-down the best vacuum I have ever owned.

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  1. Thank you so much for the link love. It looks like Dysons have a loyal fan base. I know I love mine.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for the link (and good luck with the move!)