6 Easy Ways To Save Energy & Money At Your House.

CNN is running an article from Real Simple that outlines 6 simple ways to save some energy (and money) at home. While I wrote about 29 free or low cost ways to save energy and money in the past, you can never talk about it enough. So here is what they had to add to the conversation…

Seal sneaky leaks – Seal electrical outlets in the exterior walls of your house

Go with the flow – Install a high-performance showerhead. This uses 1½ gallons of water per minute (gpm) rather than 2½ gallons

Swap out bulbs – Replace incandescent bulbs with CFLs

Be cool – Wash clothes in cold water

Close (or open) your blinds – Leave blinds down on south-and west-facing windows on hot summer days to keep your space cool

Upgrade your heating (and cooling) system – Install (and properly program) a programmable thermostat

What would you add to their list?

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  1. The wind is a drawback, as the motion sensor lighting go off from movement of tree branches, too, so we try to keep them off, unless we expect night time company or ourselves, returning from somewhere at night. Luckily, it isn’t often, as we are staying put to save gasoline.