Listening To Financial And Life Advice From Our Elders.

My grandmother has some amazing anecdotes about live and living that I always enjoy hearing. Since she was born in 1918, she has lived through some amazing times in our history, especially the Great Depression. After hearing what she went through back then, my life seems like a walk in the park in comparison. But truthfully, we really can learn a ton by listening to those who came before us and have experienced many different things that we might not have gone through yet. For those of you don’t have any elders who like to dole out advice, one credit union in Georgia has put together a 5-minute video called A Century of Good Advice, featuring seniors who share financial and life advice from their experience over the generations, intermixed with children from the Boys & Girls Club who talk about the advice they receive from their elders about how to be smart with money and in life. It is in honor of the 100th anniversary of credit unions in U.S., and I know many of you are big fans of credit unions over big banks. (I myself, after being with BofA since what seems like the beginning of time, will probably be switching to a credit union once I finish my move to Denver) Check it out, you might learn something:

And while your elders are still living, make sure you ask them for advice – most of the time, they know best!

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  1. Don says:

    My grandmother was a big influence on my frugal ways. I totally believe the stories she told me about “The Great Depression” influenced me greatly today…

    Take nothing for granted…

  2. Craig says:

    Listening to our elders is great but its such a different time that it’s hard to compare. In a lot of ways they lived a much more frugal lifestyle where the advice works. But todays world seems to have many more expensive material items that are almost considered must haves these days. Different times.

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