Looks Like Progressive Insurance Is Cheapest…

…for my car in Colorado, at least. I have had State Farm car and renter’s insurance here in New Mexico, and while they have been fine I do think that they are a little on the expensive side for Colorado. The best insurance company I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with was Wawanesa, but they are only for residents of California and Oregon (unless that has changed and I didn’t notice). So, I had to start looking around and it looks like Progressive is going to be the best combination of price/value/convenience for me in Denver. And because I am a new customer, I will be signing up online, and I am going to pay my 6 month premium in advance, I am getting a one-time discount of $69 off my 6 month rate. So for my 2008 Subaru with very decent coverage, I will pay $357 for 6 months – or the equivalent of $59.50 per month. Not bad at all.


No insurance company is complaint-free though, and Progressive is no different. There are plenty of complaints on the internet about every company, so I cannot choose an insurance company based on those alone. Several people I know have had good luck with Progressive, so I will have to trust that these guys will be OK for what I need. And that brings me to you guys – what insurance company do you use? Do you like them? Do you hate them? Maybe a few comments from readers can give me some insight I may be missing out on!

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  1. Annie Jones says:

    We use American Family for auto and homeowners’ insurance. Their prices have slowly been creeping up, but we are hesitant to switch. They provide excellent service, our agent knows us well (no small feat in a large metro area), she keeps us well-covered without suggesting insurance we don’t need, we are able to pay monthly without extra fees if we pay online which makes budgeting easier, and we have discounts for multi-car, for having our homeowner’s with them, and for longevity.

    We have no reason to change except for the price. We’ve considered looking into other providers, but so far, have not.

  2. PA Mom says:

    We have Progressive, have had it for years. They were the cheapest when we signed up and every time I recheck rates, they continue to be cheapest.

    I’ve had zero problems with them and when I had to make a claim after someone ran a stop sign and broadsided me, they fixed my older car and didn’t raise my rates.

    And now they offer pet insurance as part of the package at no extra charge!

    Compare that to Allstate, who I had for 10 years when I first started driving, and who dropped me after one accident at the end of that ten year period (during which they raised my rates every year even though I had a clean driving record). Two thumbs down for Allstate. They will never get my business again.

    We also had NJ Manufacturers when we lived in NJ. They were a good deal for NJ residents, but don’t cover vehicles in PA, hence the switch to Progressive. We still have NJM for our house insurance though. And we get a rebate check from them every year.

  3. jdp says:

    Love Progressive in PA! Went with someone cheaper one year then went back to Progressive. Have had them about 8 years or more total. I get lots of offers to shop for a cheaper quote but Progressive has done right by me a few times, out of their way helpful and won’t change things drastically like some other companies (farmers blech) without MUCH warning (actually the little changes get much warning have never been major ones).

  4. Melissa says:

    I currently have Progressive and after an experience earlier this year in which I was the victim of a hit and run accident, I am a little more loyal. The process was completely hassle-free, I had great experience with the Progressive-recommended body shop and the claim was handled quickly. Another bonus is that my premium was not raised after the accident! Granted, it was not my fault but since it was hit and RUN, the full value of the claim was placed against my policy.

  5. The best philoisophy that I have come up with regarding any kind of insurance is to use an independent agent. That way, they do all of the legowrk, and there is no bias towards any one company. I have had the same independent agent for over ten years now, and I have probably had my insurance thru 7-8 different companies. I basically know that I am always getting the cheapest rate.

    Oh, I also try to “bundle” my inusrance wherever possible to increase the savings.

  6. Gypsie says:

    I currently have USAA for the majority of my insurance needs and Progressive (who partners with USAA) for the vehicles (motorcycle and travel trailer) USAA doesnt cover.

    Anytime a telemarketer calls to convince us to switch to anyone else, the moment they hear that we are with USAA, they say “Oh, we cant compete with them” and hang up.

  7. Zengirl says:


    We called up many (atleast 4) and did price comparisons, and dropped some of the insurance and upped the deductible.

    Some other blog had good ideas on how to save on car insurance. Every bit helps.


    Good to see you keep busy writing good stuff as usual.

  8. KG says:

    I have had Progressive for the past 3 years and have been really happy with them. My car has about 150,000 miles on it now and is at the point where parts are starting to wear out. Twice in the past 6 months, I have had to call Progressive’s road side assistance to tow my car. Both times, the process was easy, the customer service agents were helpful and polite, and (most importantly) the tow was FREE. The last time I called, a tow truck arrived within 10 minutes!

  9. PRogressive is good, but have you tried USAA? It’s even cheaper.

    I think USAA has opened up their products to non military folks, so check em out. Their service is #1!

  10. David says:

    USAA is supposed to be great, but just contacted them and they havent opened it up to non-military.

  11. David says:

    Good to know, I am going to go with them for sure. 🙂

  12. David says:

    I like working with an agent, but not if they cannot beat a lower price. After calling around to companies AND agents, Progressive is still the cheapest as of today.

  13. Gypsie says:

    USAA just sent out notice that they will be opening up to ANYONE WHO HAS SERVED for any length of time in the military. Previously, it was only people who are currently serving or retired.

  14. David says:

    When is that happening? I tried to sign up yesterday and they wouldn’t let me.

  15. I had a claim with Progressive a couple of years ago and it was easy and hassle free. I would have stayed with them had they offered homeowners insurance and umbrella policies.

  16. k2 herbs says:

    Well that explains why you see all these progressive insurance ads on TV.. they are really big.