A Dream Will Lead You Out of Debt.

The processes and practices of getting our personal finances in order are simple to understand, but difficult to implement because they involve behavior changes. In the past something about how you were managing your finances was working for you – you were getting something beneficial from it or you would have been doing it differently. For me, I was getting to avoid facing reality and could go on pretending to be “successful”.

A dream is what is going to get you through the process of changing your behavior. A Dream is a Big Hairy Audacious Goal; an idea that today seems a bit unrealistic, but so moving that the possibility of getting there will influence how you choose to live your life.

Somewhere along the way in life you may have stopped dreaming. I know I did. I don’t know the exact date, but I can pinpoint the time. It was when I began to see my options evaporating because of the choices I had made. My accumulation of debt left me needing to work at jobs that were not my passion. Debt left me unable to afford to travel – one of my passions. The Dream of taking a year off from working to travel the world no longer seemed anywhere close to being a reality.

Today, after getting my personal finances in order, my dream is becoming a reality. This dream serves as a compass by which I can check my habits and behavior. I can ask myself daily, “Is this action going to lead me in the direction of my dream or is it going to lead me somewhere else?” If my behaviors aren’t leading towards my dream then I can change my behavior to get back on course.

What is your DREAM?

Personal finance coach Matt Kelly blogs at personalfinancecoaching.com; through his coaching he empowers clients to become accountable and responsible for their dreams. This transformation eliminates the “usual” stress of financial worries and improves all aspects of his client’s lives.

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  1. I think that realizing that solving debt does involve changes in behavior is a key to anyone’s success.

    It is not an A, B, C type list of things to do, rather a change in spending behavior and in one’s mentality towards money.

    Once that is realized, I think it makes the goal much more attainable.

  2. kenyantykoon says:

    since i am not in debt per se, my dream is to be one of the richest men in the world. i plan to do this be increasing my business and investing acumen and being smart with every coin that i get