Cut Your Grocery Bill With A Cookbook And Some Real Food.

Looking for a real way to cut that grocery bill? Tired of spending hours every weekend cutting coupons for frozen, pre-packaged, processed food? I know of a much easier way – buy yourself a good cookbook and learn to cook. Don’t believe me? In the last 3 weeks I have bought only fresh fruits and vegetables to cook with and have significantly cut my grocery bill. And that is with buying from Whole Foods! For years I always bought a ton of organic prepared foods and then some raw vegetables to do some cooking with, but now that I have switched away from that entirely and am buying “raw” food every week, my bill has really gone down by quote a bit. Plus, the colors look nice:


I am now under $200 for a month, and at this rate I should be able to get it down to about $150 once I really learn to buy only what I need for the week without anything going to waste. Prepackaged and processed “food” might seem cheaper, but when you really do the math they are anything but…especially if you are buying the stuff filled with all sorts of crap. Poor eating habits can lead to higher doctor bills! Most everything I cook is veggie only and occasionally I get the hankering for some chicken or turkey, which does add a little to the bill, but mostly my grocery cart is a sea of greens and yellows and reds, which leaves more money in my bank account every week.


Once I decided I was going to cook food for myself from scratch every night, I picked up a couple decent cookbooks from Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. Gordon Ramsay is one of my favorites, and his book Fast Food has become my cooking bible here at home. The food is amazing, easy to make, and easy on the wallet – and healthy!


If you don’t believe me, try it for a few weeks. Go to the library, get some good cookbooks, and start writing down the ingredients you need to make some of the dishes. Head over to the grocery store and buy only what you need to make those meals for the week – no packaged/pre-made foods at all – and see what your bills start to look like. I never really thought I could get my grocery bill lower than it has been for the last few years, but now I know that raw and fresh fruits and veggies with an occasional piece of meat is a LOT cheaper than buying food that only needs to be heated up. I think that if you give it a shot you will also be pleasantly surprised. And come summertime I plan on saving even more money once the local Farmers Market opens up!


That all being said, I ALWAYS have a frozen pizza in the freezer…just in case. 😉

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  1. saving it up says:

    How many people are you cooking for? $200 is cheap if there are 4 people. Kind of expensive if there is only one person.

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  3. Craig says:

    It may not always be cheaper, but should be healthier. If you find deals and don’t buy expensive materials it can save in the long run cause you will use ingredients many times.

  4. David says:

    Yea, once you have a staple list of ingredients in the house, all you need are the raw foods – which are very cheap.

  5. nan says:

    Another great way to save on groceries is make a menu and stick to it. I have saved tons of money AND food that way.

    (Your kitchen looks great!)

  6. Annie Jones says:

    I couldn’t agree more…both about cooking from scratch/raw, and about having that frozen pizza just in case.

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  8. Miranda says:

    We’ve actually saved quite a bit with the whole buying fresh ingredients thing. And, long term, healthier eating means lower medical bills, for the most part. My favorite thing for winter has been learning to make my own soups. We can get two dinners out of a pot of soup, and still have enough for me to have lunch on the third day.

  9. We shaved a great deal off our monthly grocery bill by going fresh.

    Plus, you have the added benefit of increased nutrition.

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  11. David says:

    1 – I buy only organic fruits, veggies, and meat. Food is the #1 thing people SHOULD be spending money on, but unfortunately too many look for the cheapest food while spending a ton on TVs, cars, and video games.

  12. Amanda says:

    I agree – this is just one of those things you have to hear over and over before you actually try it and realize how much cheaper and healthier it is to do. I started meal planning and cooking from scratch for the first time this year and it has been great. Still takes about $400/month for 2 people, but that’s fine with me.

  13. Melissa says:

    And as an added bonus: I have also noticed I spend less time grocery store. I think that is because all of the whole/raw foods are pretty much stocked on the perimeter of the store and I don’t have to navigate the congested aisles.

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