Save Hundreds Of Dollars (Every Year) By Drinking Filtered Tap Water.

Let’s say you currently buy water in plastic bottles for your everyday water consumption. And let’s say you consume three .5 liter bottles per day, give or take. That’s 90 .5 liter bottles per month, or 1,080 per year. (An average day could be more or less depending on your situation, so I just picked a number). To see how much that would cost you per year, I wandered over to the Staples website and saw a 24 pack of .5 liter plastic bottles on sale for $7.00. At $7 for 24 bottles, it would cost you at least $315 for a year’s worth of water in little plastic bottles. Wanna know how much it costs me for water at my house? $1.91 per every 1,000 gallons – meaning I would have to DRINK over 500 gallons of water a day, for a year, to spend as much as some people do on the plastic bottles filled with it. That’s insane. In fact, if the water we use at home cost what even cheap the stuff costs, our monthly water bills would run $9,000. Yes, you read that right – $9,000 per month. And there is no way I am spending my hard earned cash on filtered tap water in plastic bottles! In fact, I carry my Klean Kanteen reusable water bottle with me everywhere I go so I never have to. And did you know that:

– American tap water is among the safest in the world?
– As much as 40% of the water sold in the U.S. is just filtered tap water anyway? Thanks but no thanks, I already have that at home.
– Plastic bottles can leach chemicals into the water if left in the sun, heated up, or reused several times?
– It can take nearly 7 times the amount of water in the bottle to actually make the plastic bottle itself?


Most people don’t know facts like these because they have been convinced by manufacturers that they NEED this water in order to be safe, when in fact you can avoid the fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, and other chemicals that studies have found in bottled water.

So get yourself a $20 stainless steel or a lined-aluminum reusable bottle and start saving a ton on your water costs – your wallet AND the environment will thank you!

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  1. JoeTaxpayer says:

    Excellent points here. Even buying the gallon spring water was nearly $1 per gallon. Family was cautious about drinking tap as it seemed to have a chlorine taste, but a filter (we chose Brita) took care of that.
    The one savings you can add to your math – the gas wasted when you need to run out just to buy more water. Can’t count how many times we did that.
    For those just about to make the switch, why not toss a quarter into a jar or can every time you refill your portable bottle in 2010? You’ll some nice holiday gifts or toy for yourself with that money saved over the year.

  2. Derek says:

    I’m guilty of buying water, at least it is big jugs. I’ve been considering buying a filtered water thermos for a while. It is about time I go ahead and order one.

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  5. This post is right on point. The water’s the same, and all those plastic bottles are no good for the environment

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