Give The Gift Of Saving Money This Holiday.

I just finished reading an article over at Kiplingers called 12 Gift Ideas That Save Money for the Recipient and was pleasantly surprised that it actually was what it proclaimed to be rather than just another list of “stuff” we don’t really need. It’s nice when a mainstream article gives people info about actually helping others to save money rather than just spending it! So if you are looking for last minute gifts to give to those you love, check out some of the things on this list – you would be doing them a huge favor by getting them any of these as presents. I put my thoughts on each next to them, just in case anyone in my family is reading this!

1. Movie-rental subscription – I am a big fan of Netflix and cannot imagine having to do into a video store ever again.

2. Espresso machine for an at-home coffee shop – While I don’t need an espresso machine, making coffee at home saves a ton of money over buying it in a store every morning.

3. A smarter power strip – I have these all over my house and they save a ton on energy costs.

4. Cooking classes – Seriously, this would be the best gift ever. I wish someone would give these to me.

5. AAA membership – A good gift, but I don’t need it as my car came with roadside assistance.

6. At-home fitness equipment – Much cheaper than a gym, but most people don’t have room for a full-sized exercise room in their house!

7. National Park visitor’s pass – Again, would love this.

8. Warehouse-club membership – For families, sure, but a single guy definitely doesn’t need a membership to a place where he can buy 32 gallons of milk at once.

9. A savings or investment account – Great gift for kids, but make sure you also give them something cool.

10. The perfect carry-on bag – If you fly, you know that airlines now charge you to check a bag, which is ridiculous. Yet another reason I Amtrak it.

11. A home-energy monitor – Thinking of getting one of these, but not sure I need it. I imagine it would do a lot of people some good though!

12. Subscription to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine – I already have one!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Derek says:

    Very good take on Christmas gifts. I wouldn’t mind receiving any of those, especially the Nat’l Park pass. And I think Southwest doesn’t charge for the first couple of bags 🙂

  2. Annie Jones says:

    Great list.

    Depending on circumstances, a single person CAN save money at the warehouse stores. When I was a single mom with just one young child in my home, I always got my money’s worth out of my membership. I bought bulk foods and cooked from scratch. I had plenty of pantry and freezer storage for the items I bought, and I didn’t give in to the temptation of things like frozen quesadillas (really, how much time does it take to make your own?) and huge boxes of Cheerios. (BTW, Sam’s sells milk by the gallon like every other store does.)

    My husband buys all of his jeans for work at Sam’s Club for $13 a pair. He works construction and is hard on jeans, no matter what the brand. Whether married or single, if that were the only thing he bought there, he would save money above and beyond the cost of membership.

  3. Evan says:

    Just bought my younger brother a netflix subscription for Christmas it was so easy!

    They even give you a .pdf that you can print out like a gift certificate redemption thing.