Buy Rechargeable Batteries To Save Money And The Environment.

Two years ago, I wrote about buying rechargeable batteries for everything in my house that needs them – and I have to say that it was definitely one of my better purchases…ever. I got 36 batteries for less than $30…24 AA batteries and 12 AAA ones. There are so many things around my house that use batteries of this size – remote controls, computer mice, smoke detectors, kitchen timers, flashlights – that the purchase has turned out to be a no-brainer. I used to buy multiple packs of AA batteries all year, only to throw them in recycling a few months after the purchase. But now, after my one time purchase, I just plug them and in 30 minutes, I have a brand new set ready for use.


At my local Walgreens store, a pack of 12 AA batteries runs from $7.00 – $10.00, depending on sales and what brand you buy. So that makes them each about a dollar, give or take. Even buying just 2 of these packs a year will cost you $20 or so in AA batteries alone, never mind any other sizes you might need. The rechargeable ones cost me less than a dollar each, and I can re-use them over and over again. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, I also don’t have get tons of batteries recycled each year.

Being home for the holidays reminded me that most people don’t use rechargeable batteries for one reason or another. My mom’s reason is that she thinks they are still like they were in the 1980’s – not reliable. But today’s rechargeables are far and away much better than the batteries of old, so if you haven’t tried them lately you should give them a shot. They don’t heat up or lose their charge after a few days like they used to. And at only a dollar or less per battery, the prices are just about the same as name brand single-use batteries. I bought mine from a company called All-Battery (you can search for the website or check my old post) and could not be happier. So the next time you need to buy batteries, you might want to think about picking some up, as they can save you a lot of money and help keep batteries out of the recycling bin and/or landfills!

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  1. Craig says:

    I never bought rechargeable batteries because I figure I would most likely end up losing them and buying more anyways spending more money.

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  3. You can definitely save money with rechargeables. But, like the other commenter said, if you don’t lose them, and if you buy backups. Or if its OK to wait while they charge–something I doubt my three year old could do.

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