Sunday Money Roundup – Please Donate Edition.

If you haven’t already, PLEASE give at least a few bucks to the Haiti relief efforts. We all have it way better than they do on a daily basis, never mind when an earthquake hits. Please do the right thing and give a couple of bucks – it means a lot more to them than it does to you.

Cash Money Life wants to talk about paying off your second mortgage early.

Five Cent Nickel, on a similar note, has paid off their mortgage in under 10 years. Congrats!

Lazy Man & Money doesn’t care for Fandango Bucks… do you?

The Wisdom Journal offers us 4 tips to finding a job we really want. What better time for a post like this?

Gather Little By Little gives us tips for saving money and protecting yourself on vacation.

My Dollar Plan helps you score free stuff on your birthday. Sweet!

Frugal Dad wants to know Are You Saving Money Just to Save, Or Saving With Purpose?

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