Trade The Stuff You Don’t Want…For The Stuff You Do.

So, you have some stuff in your house that you no longer want but have an idea of a couple things you actually do want? Don’t feel like trying to sell them on Craigslist or Ebay? Why not try swapping your stuff for someone else’s? No matter what you want to get rid of, chances are that there is someone else, somewhere, who wants it or can find a use for it. By getting into swapping with others, you you accomplish four things all at once:

1. You get rid of your stuff
2. Someone else gets your stuff who can actually use it
3. You can get items you actually want
4. The exchanges keep stuff out of the landfill

There really is something to be said for looking for ways to avoid throwing things into a landfill. Those of you who know me already know I am a big environmentalist, so the idea of swapping with others instead of trashing really appeals to me! Luckily for all of us looking to swap our belongings out for other items, there are a few websites around to help.


Swaptree.com is a place where you can swap books, music, movies, and video games. All you have to do is list the stuff you have to swap and list the stuff you want, and make trades through the mail. These guys even figure out the postage and let you print postage from home, saving you a trip to the post office.


Barterthing.com A little different than swapping, these guys help you get started in the world of bartering. Trade a timeshare for lawn care service or haircuts for plumbing. Everybody has something that someone else wants, so why not look for it online before you pay for it elsewhere?


U-exchange.com combines bartering and swapping in one site. There are no barter currencies or commissions taken on trades, and you can even trade stuff like cars, boats, and homes.

If you don’t feel like trying to sell whatever you have, try to swap it for something else before you throw it in the trash. You never know what someone else may be looking for, and you might just find something you want that someone else has no interest in. It’s frugal and green all at once – 2 of my favorite things!

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  2. Craig says:

    I am in the process of swapping books right now with a friend. Makes so much sense to do it.

  3. Justin says:

    I’m presently overloaded with stuff to put up on eBay and Craigslist. I like the swapping approach better, but wonder if it doesn’t conflict with my goal of simplifying my “piles-of-crap-I-don’t-need” lifestyle. Perhaps after I’ve thinned out the collection a bit with eBay-ing, I’ll look into it. I agree: much better than just eating up landfill space.

  4. Big Spender says:

    Don’t forget to mention Freecycle (http://www.freecycle.org/). No trading needed, just give up what you don’t need and find things you can use for free.

  5. Best I can tell you on this is that you would be absolutely shocked at some of the stuff that other people want.

    Its no comment on other people, its just another proof that “Beauty (or functionaly or usefulness) is in the eye of the beholder.”

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  7. […] Trade the Stuff You Don't Want…For the Stuff You Do: Instead of selling your stuff, you can swap it out. […]

  8. Lisa K says:

    I have recently found out that my elderly mother is leaving the house and property to my single brother who has lived with her all of his life. My part that is stated in the will is that when he decides to sell the house I get 1/2 of the junk and I mean junk that is in the house. There are some good pieces…sterling, 2 antique bedroom sets, china and some brick a brack. I really do not want this stuff. I have told my brother…just keep it all. He says no, mother wants you to have a share of her stuff. A lot of this junk is broken.
    Any thoughts?