Sunday Money Roundup – Nordstrom Rack Edition.

For Christmas, I received a sizable gift card to Nordstroms. Mind you, I have never shopped there or really ever been in one, but I was thrilled to be given some money to be spent on clothing, which I rarely buy for myself. So one day I grabbed my gift card and headed to the mall, where I almost had a heart attack looking at the prices of these clothes. $150 for jeans? $99 for a shirt? Um, at this rate all my money would have gotten me a whopping 2 or 3 items, which is crazy. Then someone reminded me about Nordstrom Rack and how much cheaper it was – and boy was he right! I went over there and spent only 1/4 of the value of my card on 3 new shirts, leaving me with plenty to go back again and look for more. So if you ever receive a Nordstom gift card, you may want to take it over to the rack so you can actually get more than 1 thing with it! On to the roundup…

Five Cent Nickel answers a reader question – “Will Moving to a Higher Income Tax Bracket Cost You Money?” Um, no, not really. But why not?

The Wisdom Journal wants you to Eat Your Own Dog Food.

Your Finances 101 talks about The True Cost of Credit Cards. Use credit wisely and it can pay off, but if not…

Money Smart Life explains the 9 Mistakes People Make with their IRA. Don’t make these mistakes!

No Credit Needed talks about the Principles Reinforced By A Television Show ““ Holmes On Homes. Good read, for sure.

Finance for a Freelance Life answers the questions What Is the Time Value of Money? as part of her Textbook Personal Finance series.

Single Guy Money has the Bachelor’s Guide To Savings. Good thing I learned most of these the last time I was single!

BudgetPulse talks about How Credit Cards Can be Used for Budgeting. I use them for budgeting myself, great topic.

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  1. Ben says:

    Thanks for mentioning the IRA mistake post. I can’t take credit for it though, it was a guest post from Oblivious Investor.

  2. […] the original: Sunday Money Roundup ““ Nordstrom Rack Edition. | My Two Dollars tags: after-1st, apply-today, apr, back-on-everything, credit-card, david-on-january, […]

  3. Thanks for the mention–I feel the same way about Nordstrom’s. I’d never shop there if it weren’t for the more frugal stuff

  4. Thanks for the mention David.