Sunday Money Roundup – Sell An Old iPhone Edition.

This past week I sold my original 2G iPhone for over $200 – more than I paid for it years ago. Score! Seems these “no longer under contract” phones are worth some serious cash. I used it on AT&T for years until I got a 3GS model, and then a friend used it on T-Mobile for a while. And now someone else is going to use in on the network of their choice. I think this is the first time a piece of tech I owned was worth more money years after I bought it. Just hope I can do the same for this 3GS once the new ones come out! On to the roundup…

The Wisdom Journal wants to teach you How To Really Screw Up Your Life (Insurance). You should probably pay attention to this post.

Tight Fisted Miser talks about Total Cost of Ownership:Used Camry v. New Prius. If cost is your only concern, used is pretty much always better.

Frugal For Life posts about 1st time coupon clipper mistakes.

Bargaineering wants to know what Your Cleverest Money Hacks are.

Your Finances 101 asks why you buy lottery tickets. I am with him here – I never buy them anymore. It’s a waste of money.

Five Cent Nickel wants you to Re-Evaluate Your Recurring Expenses.

Frugal Babe shows us her new pantry she made after fishing wood out of a dumpster. Some people are so creative!

Ultimate Money Blog wants to know if stopping shaving is a good way to save money. My take? For men, yes. I haven’t used a razor and shaving cream in years. I also haven’t paid for a haircut for years. But women, no. Sorry…I actually like the way your legs look when shaven!

The Digerati Life talks about debt reduction with DIY Debt Reduction Programs: 3 Affordable Ways To Beat Debt.

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  1. […] Today found this great post, here is a quick excerpt : This past week I sold my original 2G iPhone for over $200 – more than I paid for it years ago. Score! Seems these. Read the rest of this great post Here […]

  2. Ron says:

    Hey David, thanks for the link! Have a great weekend!

  3. Dawn says:

    Congrats on making money on the iPhone! It is rare that technology will make money for you once bought.

    A couple posts I missed this week, thanks for the roundup and including my own link. Glad you liked it.

  4. Mrs. Money says:

    Thanks so much for the link! I want an iPhone but I am too cheap to get one and pay for the service. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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