My New Favorite Site- Groupon: Collective Buying Power.

I found this site today and I wanted to share it with you guys as soon as possible. Groupon features an unbeatable deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in your city, and by promising businesses a minimum number of customers, they get discounts you otherwise would never get. To sign up you just enter your email address and your city, and each morning you get a new Groupon that you can buy into. If enough people buy the deal, then everyone gets it. If not enough people do, the deal is canceled. And if you refer a friend to the website and your friend makes their first purchase within 72 hours from the time they click on the referral link you send them, you get $10 worth of credits in your account. (No, I didn’t put my account referral in this post, as I just wanted to tell you guys about it) It’s a pretty simple premise, really, and I wonder why I didn’t think of it myself. Here is what the site looks like:


I looked at Los Angeles (since I am moving back there this year) just to see what today’s deal was, and it was for a 40% discount on a Jeep-Drawn wagon tour of the San Andreas fault. $45 instead of $75…how cool is that? Anyway, I highly recommend you check it out for your area and see what kinds of deals they have. Seems they have press from every major newspaper yet I hadn’t heard of them before. So glad I found them, though!

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  1. craig says:

    It’s a great site, I recently bought a massage off of it.

  2. Jessica says:

    I love groupon too and there are many other sites following suit. Some are beginning to post all the deals from daily deal sites in one place like http://www.dailyflock.com

  3. It just goes to show you that just when you thought all of the great new ideas had been used up already….

    It sounds like a fantastic concept!

  4. That is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

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