Backup Your Computer In Several Places…Or Else.

A friend of mine just had both his computer AND his external backup hard drive die on the same day. Rare? Yes…but not impossible. While I have never had anything so catastrophic happen to my computer setup, I have always backed everything up both here in my house and online each day. I use an external Western Digital Passport drive with Time Machine (the built-in Apple backup application) that backs up my data every hour, and I also use BackBlaze to do daily backups over the internet. That first online backup took a few days, but now it only takes a few minutes per day (at most) because it only backs up changed files. My friend luckily used Mozy for his own online backup, so within a few days they sent him all his data via mail for him to reinstall on his now fixed computer. Thank goodness for online backups, because if he hadn’t been doing his, everything on his computer and external drive would have been gone – music, family photos, important documents – everything. And since my entire life is now digital (all my music, videos, “paperwork”, etc) is on my computer, backups are incredibly important to keep me from losing all my stuff. The lesson learned here? Don’t just do external hard drive backups, but also start doing online backups as well. BackBlaze is $5 a month for backup, and it’s the best $5 I have spent lately. Backup your computer…or else.

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  2. The rule of thumb is to have two local backups and one offsite backup. All disks will fail at some point in time, just a matter of when. I use Dropbox for my offsite backup because it works with both Linux and Windows and provides 2GB of storage for free. I also use google docs for some of my important spreadsheets and word-type docs.

  3. Bill says:

    I’m moving to Google Doc’s for my financial info.

    For photo’s I’m using Mozy for the best ones, I have 6gb of photos.

    All my files are approaching 2tb protected by raid 5 but the member drives are aging and approaching 4 years old. It would be nice to switch to some of the new 2tb drives in raid 5, would save a lot of power and heat generation.

  4. Wow that is like getting struck by lighting, well not really. But that’s still incredibly unfortunate! I’ve got a lot of stuff in email, on two different computers, and on an external, I hope I’m good with all that!