Open A Chase Checking Account, Get $125.

I am definitely not in the market to open yet another bank account, but it it tempting to get the free $125. I have taken up banks on offers like this in the past, but since I finally got everything switched over and working to Schwab (including ALL my direct deposits), I won’t be doing this one – but you might want to. Chase is offering up $125 to open a new checking account and set up a direct deposit to said account. Not a lot of work for $125! Here are some details of the offer:

Open a Chase Checking account by May 14, 2010, set up direct deposit, then they will give you $125. You can apply online now at the Chase site with a $25 minimum deposit to open the account. Also, there are no monthly fees with direct deposit or 5 debit card purchases.

Coupon Code: 3703923263487870

Of course, where I bank at Schwab has no fees, no minimums, free ATM use anywhere, etc – but no free $125.


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  1. Jonas says:

    When I follow the link, it shows me the forms to apply for Chase Checking, however it makes no mention of receiving a free $125, though it does ask for a Coupon Code…

    Do you need a code to get the $125?

  2. Mike says:

    In my experience (I’ve done this 3 years running), you do need a coupon code. And FYI you can do this once a calendar year!

  3. David says:

    Try this one, sorry I left it out of the post!
    Coupon Code: 3703923263487870

  4. Debt Freedom says:

    It amazes me the incentives that banks and credit unions are offering to get people to switch over.

    From bonuses for opening checking accounts, to ultra low APR on autmobile loans, there are some great offers out there right now!

    If I wasn’t so overwhelmingly happy with my current bank (USAA) I’d be very tempted to switch banks for a quick money grab!

  5. Jonas says:

    I just signed up. For some reason it selected a savings account for me to go along with the checking account.

    The interesting bit here is that they let you use a credit card to fund the opening deposits, up to $500 for each account.

    I used my Schwab Invest First card to fund both for the maximum $500, which I will earn a 2% cashback reward on. Another $20!

  6. Andy Hough says:

    I think those codes are one-time use only. If the $125 bonus doesn’t work they are also offering a $100 bonus.

    I make several hundred dollars a year from bank bonuses. You don’t have to switch over your checking when you open a new account. Just open the account, do the required activity to get the bonus, then close the account when you can do so without incurring fees or losing the bonus.

  7. SC says:

    I heard that with Chase, you actually have to pay for checks with their checking account, and that your actual reward is ~$20 less (since the first batch of checks cost ~$20). Can anyone confirm? These deals always seem too good to be true.

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