Must-See Documentary: Maxed Out.

This weekend I sat down to find something to stream from Netflix and came across the documentary Maxed Out, which is about credit card debt and how it has affected every day Americans. While painful to watch, it just confirmed my thoughts about debt – it’s a pain in the ass. From small town families who can no longer make the minimum payments due to job loss, all the way up to the Federal Government, it seems that while debt has become the standard way of life, it has some very ugly side effects. The film, while concentrating on the credit card industry for much of it, does also touch on real estate greed, how some people feel they “deserve” all the stuff they cannot afford, and how predatory lenders and check cashing schemes can make anyone’s debt situation even worse than it already is.


The documentary also talks to Dave Ramsey, who is a big-time anti-debt talk show host and author. While I disagree with some of the things he preaches, his overall message is good and helps many people get out of debt. Thank goodness there are people like him (who average folks can relate to) helping out those in need. So no – it’s not all gloom and doom out there. But the film does a great job of showing just how our indebted financial system works in this country and just who is holding the purse strings. My advice? See this movie ASAP and get out of debt. If you carry debt, you are enslaved to it and it may be holding you back from living the kind of life you want.

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  1. Sounds interesting. I love watching well made documentaries. I love your line: “While painful to watch, it just confirmed my thoughts about debt ““ it’s a pain in the ass”. That pretty much sums things up I’d say!

  2. Matt B says:

    From the trailer, it appears to center way too much on the “innocent victims” who buy big screen TVs and large houses when they really can’t afford them in the long run. I truly feel bad for those who lost jobs, but that’s why you plan ahead and save during the good years.

    Government isn’t much better, either. We, as a country, will probably be bankrupt in another decade.

  3. I make very little room in my life for movies of any kind–I simply have no time.

    I’ll make time for this one–should be a good trip down memory lane.

  4. Alex says:

    I bet people are willing to listen now that the reality of economic reversals has made the need to save and live below your means clear.

  5. Jena Ardell says:

    Just watched this documentary last night on Netflix instant queue!! LOVED it. So glad I don’t have a credit card!! It was sad to see businesses preying on people in debt. 🙁 You know it happens, but SEEING 30-something year old entrepreneurs make a living off of it was sickening. This documentary made me realize the government is just one big corporation. Sad that Americans pay into Social Security, not to secure their own future, but to bail the government out of debt.

  6. great movie. I watched it about 3 months ago or so…

  7. sounds interesting I must look for this , credit cards can spiral out of control and do alot of hurt