How to Get Government Rebates Just For Buying Energy Efficient Appliances

As most of you know, since I have beat it to death as of late, I just moved back to California. I was away for 2 years, and it feels really good to be back in a place that feels way more like home than New Mexico or Colorado. I rented myself a great little house, but there are a few things missing that are kind of necessary – a refrigerator and a washing machine. The dryer I can do without, as A. I live in Los Angeles and it’s always warm and B. I have a private backyard where no one will complain about a clothesline, but the washing machine is a necessity. I refuse to go back to spending the entire day at the laundromat! So during this first week I have lived in the house I have been out shopping for these 2 major appliances, and along with some great sale prices (and free delivery!) I was also told about energy efficiency rebates that both Los Angeles County and my city has available. The city provides a downloadable PDF you can take with you of qualifying appliances and the dollar amount of the rebates you can get for each, and right now it looks like I will be getting the following amounts back from the county and the city for my washing machine purchase:

County – $100 rebate
City – $85 rebate

That’s $185 back in rebates just from doing something I would have had to do anyway! Sure, I could buy a used, non-energy/water efficient model, but with that much coming back to me as a rebate it was kind of a no-brainer to buy something new. That way I get the full warranty and the latest in energy efficiency (which you guys all know means a lot to me), and because the washer I am interested in is on sale, I won’t really be paying too much money for a brand new unit. Talk about a score!

As for the fridge, well, you have to turn in an old unit in order to get any rebate for buying a new one. Oh well – you can’t win them all. I don’t have an old fridge, so I cannot collect that rebate. I still got a great deal on a new one, and it is an Energy Star rated product, so I feel ok about the money I spent. Hopefully this will be my last fridge purchase for quite some time.

My point in writing this post is to let you know that tons of communities are offering these type of rebates for water and energy efficient appliances. From dishwashers to refrigerators to washing machines to air conditioners, there are lots of rebates available. Usually, the information is readily available on your local water/power/utility website, as mine was, but a good salesperson will also be able to offer advice on any rebates available for different purchases. The woman that helped me at the store knew everything! By spending a few minutes researching the availabilities in your area, your next appliance purchase could end up costing you a lot less than you initially thought. Add in the savings from buying a more efficient unit, and you could drastically cut your monthly utility bills.

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  1. My parents cashed in on a few of these and although there was a bit of red tape and a few hoops to jump through, it was well worth the hassle