How and Where to Buy, Sell & Swap Unwanted Discount Gift Cards

It’s been a month since the holidays and you may have recently found some gift cards you received from your favorite relative or a coworker. When you first opened them, you said your “thank yous” and then they disappeared into your junk drawer in the kitchen because they were for stores you never, ever shop at. A gift card to a cooking store when all you do is eat Ramen Noodles? That’s not going to be of much use to you, is it? Thankfully, you don’t need to give away your gift that you would never use, as there are ways in which you can sell or trade that gift card for one to a store you may actually buy a product in! All you have to do is know where to look online and you can either sell the card for slightly less than its face value or you can trade it for something else. Let’s take a look at a few places where you can buy, sell, or trade those unwanted gift cards for something a little more “fitting” to your lifestyle.

1. Plastic Jungle – When you sell your gift card to Plastic Jungle, you can get paid in an Amazon gift card, via PayPal, by Cashiers Check, or the value can be donated to charity. You can also buy gift cards at a discount that other people have sold to them. I’ve used them in the past and I will definitely use them again in the future.

2. CardPool – CardPool lets you buy gift cards for up to 30% off or sell gift cards for up to 92% cash back on face value. All cards are shipped for free, and payment is via Amazon, cash, or Facebook credit.

3. Monster Gift Card – After registering your gift card with them, you can enter the dollar value to see what they pay. You can get paid with a check or in “Monster Points”, which allow you to buy another card listed on their site for sale. You get more value by choosing the points, but you may not be interested in any cards they offer.

4. Card Avenue – These guys were around for a while but it looks like their site is under construction at the moment.

5. SwapAGift – While you can visit the website, they also have walk-in centers around the country called “Certified Partner” locations. You can select the state you are in to find a store near you which will pay cash for your gift card today.

6. CardWoo – “As Seen on The View!” says their website, if that kind of stuff matters to you. CardWoo buys and sells gift cards, ships for free, and pays out in cash.

7. Gift Card Rescue – Gift Card Rescue pays out up to 90% of card value, and you can get paid in cash, an Amazon gift card, or you can use the funds to buy discounted cards to other stores.

Most sites do require you to mail in your gift card prior to getting paid, so be sure you deal with a legitimate company before sending it in. Also, keep in mind that you will be losing some face value on your existing card, so make sure you can’t spend the card on something before trading it in. But either way, a card you can use is better than one that you can’t, so don’t get stuck with a card you don’t need. Happy selling/trading!

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  1. If you REALLY don’t want that gift card, there’s also a great charity option called donorschoose.org that supports education intiatives in need of funding. You see exactly what the project entails, how much they need to raise and how close to their goal they are. Good way to know that you’re doing good, and not getting hosed!

  2. Allan says:

    I just had a problem with Gift Card Rescue where I purchased a $150 card for $127.50 at the end of January. I had not had the opportunity to use it until November and I was told the card was deactivated. When I called the card company they said it was purchased 1/8/11 and deactivated 2/19/11. When I called Gift Card Rescue they said it was outside the 60 day guarantee and they would do nothing about it. The manager flat out told me he didn’t care about the customer, just company policy that after 60 days they would not investigate. I have filed a complaint with BBB.