Top 10 Best Companies to Work For in 2011

It’s time for another listing of the best places to work for the year, and this time I came across the new list over at CNNMoney.com. Listing the 100 best companies to work for in 2011 must be a lot of work, but I am thankful that they put it together each year because I truly enjoy seeing who makes the list and why. Granted, in this economy people are probably just thrilled to have a job, never mind a good one at one of these companies, but it’s always worth keeping in mind which companies make for better employers. Some on the list really surprised me! While the list can be divided out by categories such as size, women and minority hiring, job growth, and low turnover rate, I just wanted to mention the overall listing and why the Top 10 companies were chosen. Let’s take a look…

1. SAS – Coming in at first place for the second year in a row, software company SAS provides on-site healthcare, inexpensive child-care, car washes, a full-featured gym, and much more.

2. Boston Consulting Group – Without laying off anyone during this recession, BCG had its largest amounts of new hires ever in 2010.

3. Wegmans Food Markets – From what I have heard, Wegmans is a great place to work. This customer-friendly supermarket chain cares about the well-being of its workers, too. Great benefits, health screenings, and employee discounts all add up.

4. Google – Kind of a no-brainer on the list, especially for tech geeks like myself. Perks include free food, free laundry service, free use of plug-in Prius’, and a 10% pay raise across the board in 2010. I’ve always been jealous of those smart enough to work for them.

5. NetApp – Between the free food, free coffee, and the fact that assistants make around $100,000 per year, NetApp sounds like a pretty cool place to work, right?

6. Zappos.com – Owned by Amazon.com (which I didn’t know), Zappos provides free lunch, free vending machines, and free access to a life coach right inside company headquarters. Judging by the amazing customer service they offer, people who work there really enjoy their jobs.

7. Camden Property Trust – Employees here voluntarily helped to cut expenses to help the apartment management company stay in the black, which I think says a lot. Employees can even rent apartments for use on vacations — for just $20 per night.

8. Nugget Market – While the methods seem a bit odd from a distance, this supermarket chain holds daily events for employees where they can get bonuses in amounts from $20 to $1,500.

9. REI – One of my favorite places to spend a few hours, REI offers employees 50%-75% discounts on branded equipment, free rentals, and 4 week sabbaticals after 15 years of service.

10. Dreamworks – I have heard nothing but good things about Dreamworks from friends still in the “industry”, and it might be because they provide free breakfast and lunch, movies, and yoga.

Well there you have it; the Top 10 best companies to work for in 2011. What are you waiting for — send in that application! Do you work for any company on the list? If so, what are your thoughts on their inclusion?

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  1. fairy dust says:

    I’m not sure why Wegman’s gets such a great reputation. Most of its workers are part-timers. Very few qualify for full-time status (where the benies are). I spent 3 years working 30 hours a week, never got any benies, never got any discount. The only perk was getting two free shirts to wear as part of our uniform. It was an okay place to work, but not what I’d call “nice,” and my manager was hell to work for. I finally quit after all the people in my area whom I actually liked transferred to other parts of the store or left altogether. It was a long time after that before I could even enter the store as a shopper. I still don’t fully understand how it achieves this wonderful reputation it gets almost every year.