How to Buy a Good Mattress for Cheap

There truly is no sane way to go about buying a new mattress for your home. You would think it wouldn’t be that difficult of a process, seeing as how mattresses are advertised for sale almost everywhere on every single day, but the truth is that it can be a very arduous process. I am betting that you see those ads on TV or in the paper which claim that “We’ll beat any advertised price or your mattress is FREEEEE!”, right? Well, guess what – your mattress will never, ever be free. Ever. Why? Because almost every retail store which sells mattresses has their own name for the same mattress as other stores. So Store X will call their mattress “Sleepytime” and Store Y will call theirs “Snoredom”, but the mattress is probably the same model from the same manufacturer. By coming up with their own name for the mattresses, it makes it much harder for you, the consumer, to shop around and compare — never mind get a mattress for free because of a higher advertised price. So, how would you go about finding a good deal on a mattress if you cannot comparison shop?

Compare mattresses in a favored store or local mattress shop that you know has reasonable prices.

While you cannot compare mattresses from different stores, you can compare price points for low-end, middle, or high-end mattresses. So your best bet is to pick a store you like to shop in and support and find the kind of mattress that you prefer. Do you like to shop in Sears? Do you have a Sears credit card? Is there a sale at Sears right now? Then maybe you should head to the mattress department in Sears to check out what they have to offer. But instead of thinking about how their prices are when compared to another store, you can probably assume you will pay a reasonable price for whichever mattress you prefer. So, it’s time to start testing mattresses to find the one that suits you.

With the incredible range of support, sizes, comfort, materials, and guarantees in today’s mattresses, it may take you a little while to find the one that fits you (and possibly your partner, also) perfectly. Take as much time as you need to lay on the mattresses, jump on them, take a nap, feel the materials, ask questions, etc. as you need — buying one is a huge expense that only happens about once every ten years or so. You have every right to embarrass yourself, your spouse, and even your kids when testing out different mattresses for comfort! The retail workers have seen everything, so don’t be afraid of them. In fact, if you feel the person helping you isn’t that knowledgeable in the different mattresses, ask for a new salesperson. You need to deal with someone who is honest and who will know the answers to any questions you may have.

My last mattress was a $2,500 mattress that I got on clearance for $1,200 which is still fine today over 4 years later. You do get what you pay for, so if you buy a cheap mattress you have to expect that it won’t be comfortable for very long and will need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Pick a store, compare the mattresses in that store, ask questions, watch for sales, make a fool out of yourself — that’s how you buy a mattress. Happy shopping!

(photo credit: Eric__I_E)

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  1. Debt Donkey says:

    This was a helpful article. It reminded me that my wife has dropped more than a few hints about replacing our 15 year old mattress! I’ve dreaded actually doing it, but you give some good advice that may make things easier. Thanks!

  2. roger says:

    An almost completely useless article, go to a store you trust, you get what you pay for…that’s your advice? If you don’t know that much you should shouldn’t be in charge of buying anything.