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How to Prevent Bicycle Theft and Find Stolen Bikes

A good friend of mine had his bike stolen last week. His VERY EXPENSIVE bike at that. It was “locked” up right in front of a restaurant he was eating at, and he never thought for a second that he would come out after finishing his meal to find it simply not there anymore. It was one long pissed-off walk home that day, that’s for sure. Bike theft is pretty common because, well, it’s rather easy to steal a bike, ride away on it, and then sell it for a few bucks. Most people buy cheap locks (or none at all) and some have even had their two-wheeled transportation stolen from their own yard. Because of my buddy’s predicament last week, I figured there were others out there who could use some advice on how to prevent their own bike from being stolen, and this is what I found out. Hope it helps!


‘Self-Employed Tax Solutions’ – Book Review & Discount Price For Readers.

I think the best purchase I made in the last couple of months in terms of my self-employed career has been June Walker’s book “Self Employed Tax Solutions“. If you call yourself a 1099 Worker, a Sole Proprietor, a Freelancer, a Subcontractor, a Free Agent or are just Self-employed, you definitely need this book asap, especially with tax time coming up soon. Since all of my salary is now from 1099’s, I need to take good care to make sure I keep very thorough records of my income and my expenses, and this book could not have come at a better time for me. 2008 was the first year when I was not on payroll for someone else, and I needed to learn how to start thinking like a small-business owner. What could I write off on my taxes? What kind of taxes would I owe? How should I keep my records? Well, this book covers all this and much, much more. For example, did you know that as a self-employed individual you have to pay self-employed taxes that pay for Social Security and Medicare which is normally paid for by your employer?