If you are interested in advertising on My Two Dollars, let’s talk! I can usually accommodate almost any kind of advertising request. But why should you advertise on My Two Dollars? Let’s take a look…

Statistics for My Two Dollars

* Most recently, My Two Dollars was listed at #17 in the Top 150 Personal Finance Blogs by WiseBread.

* My Two Dollars was placed at #13 in the Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs, over at FIRE Finance.

* Traffic statistics for February 2009 were 60,000 Visits and 102,000 Pageviews.

* My Two Dollars was in the top ten of blogs with the most pages viewed per visitor, as seen over at ProBargainHunter, who said “It looks like these blogs are doing a great job with their content and/or design and encourage readers to stick around for longer.

* Google PR of 4

As an alternative, if you use Blogads, you can advertise here though this link. The ad would go in the sidebar, above the fold.


* Payment must be made within 5 business days.
* Discounts available for long term commitments.
* My Two Dollars reserves the right to change the location of the ad if the site is redesigned. Attempts will be made to place ads in a similar position.
* If ads need to be removed, refunds will be given on a pro-rata basis, less transaction fees.

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