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Which Cars Are Cheapest To Own Over Five Years?

If you are considering a new car purchase (you should be thinking used, though, to save the most money), Edmunds has a complete list of the cars with the lowest total cost of ownership over 5 years. Taking into account depreciation, interest on financing, taxes and fees, insurance premiums, fuel, maintenance and repairs, which cars […]


It’s The Mortgage Industry’s Fault For Low Sales At GM.

At least thats what GM’s Bob Lutz seems to think. I generally think its their lack of interesting cars, bad design, poor fuel economy and better competitors, but that’s just me. Sure, people are having trouble paying their mortgages lately, but I bet the drops in auto sales are not as significant at Honda and […]


Thankfully I Don’t Own A Car – Gas Price At $3.69 For Regular!

I know some of you that are not here in Los Angeles have cheaper gas, but this is just insanity. Yesterday while riding my bike to tennis lessons, I stopped at a gas station to put air in my tires (and don’t get me started on the $.50 for air charge). Price for regular 87 […]


What You Should Know About Your Local Auto Body Shops.

This months Kiplinger’s showed up the other day, and I found this particular article about auto body shops pretty interesting. They listed 7 things that you need to know, and I wanted to briefly mention them here along with my thoughts. 1. That minor fender bender will be a major expense. Oh don’t I know […]


How To Pay Your Price On Your Next New Car Purchase – Part Four.

This is the 4th and final of my posts on buying a new car and paying the price you want. Part one of this series can be found right here, part two right here, and part 3 right here. So at this point you should know the car you want to buy, have it priced […]

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