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How To Pay Your Price On Your Next New Car Purchase – Part One.

This is the first of my posts on buying a new car and paying the price you want. Part two can be found right here, part 3 right here, and part 4 right here. So even though it is not the smartest thing to do, you are dead-set on buying a brand new car. Before […]


Need A Downpayment On A Car? Offer Your 5th Month Old Baby.

No, I am not kidding and I could not even make this up in my wildest dreams. Seems that a woman that offered her 5 month old baby boy as a down payment on a used Dodge Intrepid. Surprisingly, the car dealer actually reported the couple instead of making the trade, which is what I […]


Possible Solution To Getting Rid Of My Car Dilemma.

I think we have found the solution to the getting rid of my car dilemma. We were speaking with a neighbor this past weekend that drives a Vespa as his only vehicle. He is kind of like myself in that he works from home or locally and his wife still owns a perfectly good late […]


Why The Extra Cost Of A Hybrid Is Worth It.

Why is the extra cost worth it? Because it is not all about money. It seems that every day I read somewhere or see on television the complaint of “Well, I won’t buy a hybrid because it would take me years and years to make back the extra expense over a regular gas engine”. Though […]


Car Buffs: Free PDF download of World of Cars 2006

If you are a car person, such as myself, this is pretty cool. Plus, it’s FREE! Over at The World of Cars, they have a free download of their 60MB pdf of the 2006 World of Cars guide. From the site: “It is our pleasure to present to you the World of Cars. If you’re […]

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