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How To Get Help After Your Car Warranty Has Expired.

Last year, the 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty on my brother’s Honda Civic expired. As with most Hondas, he never had a single problem with any part of the car; at least until right after his warranty ended. My old 1994 Civic went for 128,000 miles without having any major issues, so it was […]


Ask M-Network: Should We Buy A New Or Used Car In This Economy?

My Two Dollars reader Steven S. sent in the following question to the M-Network’s new feature “Ask The M-Network“: “My family needs another car, as our 16 year old Chevy just died and my wife has no way to get to work other than me dropping her off. We were considering a late-model used import […]


Hyundai Will Take Back Your Car For Free If You Lose Your Job.

Yep, no kidding…if you buy a Hyundai and lose your job within the first year of owning it, they will take the car back off your hands: “If you find that you cannot make your payment because of a covered life changing event, we’ll allow you to return your vehicle and walk away from your […]


Figure Out Your Miles Per Dollar Instead Of MPG.

I just came across this site called Miles Per Dollar which has a handy dandy calculator that enables you to see how much it costs you to drive your car on a mile by mile basis. For our car, a Subaru Forester getting about 29 MPG here in New Mexico, and our gas price at […]


How To Drive More Economically And Save Money On Gas.

The other day I filled up the Subaru and it only cost me $22, whereas just a few months ago it was costing me over $50 a tank. Gas prices have certainly come down lately, and we are now paying $1.77 a gallon – a far cry from the $4.99 I was paying in Los Angeles back in June. And while paying for gas has gotten easier on the wallet, I don’t expect it to last forever, so we still try to drive economically and conserve gas as much as possible.

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