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Gas Prices Brought Down By A Single Cardboard Sign.

I wanted to share this story of an interesting event that happened here in my small town. I don’t know what you all pay for gasoline, but I was paying about $3.89 per gallon of regular unleaded up until this weekend, which seemed like a deal after paying $4.89 per gallon in Los Angeles. However, […]


Would You Ride A Scooter To Save Money On Gasoline?

Before we left California, we were seeing an increasing amount of of small scooters on the road, as people are trying to escape the $5.00 per gallon gas prices. Small, nimble, and definitely good on gas, it’s no surprise there is more and more interest in these small motorcycles/oversized bicycles! Annual sales have surpassed the […]


5 Ways You Can Save Money on Gas.

There is no denying we are in the middle of a major gasoline crisis. It seems the price of gasoline rises every single day and there is no apparent end in sight. If you’re like me you’ll stop and get gas even if you don’t need if the station is offering a lower price than […]


New Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance Bill.

A recent article in Money Magazine had some tips for lowering your car insurance bill, and although most of us know the basic ways, they had a few extra ways to look for further discounts that I thought you might find handy. Besides signing up for higher deductibles (like going up from $500 to $1000, […]


Advice For Handling A New Or Used Car Purchase.

When considering buying a car, new or used, research is critical. Reliability, suitable gas mileage, and practicality are important considerations. After finding a car that seems appropriate, take it out for a test drive. Does the car rattle? How is the road noise? How well does the vehicle take a corner? Admittedly at this point, […]

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