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What Is The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR)?

In today’s era of high oil and gas prices, you often hear politicians talking about the tapping into the SPR, or the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. At some point, you might be asking the same question yourself, as your fill-ups at the gas station are costing you $50, $75, even $100 depending on what kind of […]


Check Your New Tires For This Code Before They Cause An Accident.

Ahh, the smell of burning rubber. Don’t you just love going into a tire shop and getting new tires? No? Me neither. Especially now that I have learned that a lot of the tires in those shops could be up to 12 years old already and still being sold as new. Know what happens to […]


GM Rewards Credit Card Now Good For Saturn Purchases Too.

If you hold a GM Rewards credit card and you were not interested in using your rewards towards any of the GM cars, you can now use it towards Saturn cars as well. Although Saturn has been part of the GM family since the beginning, I guess they were never in the rewards program. So […]


We Bought A New Car To Prepare For Our Move.

In preparation of our move to the mountains, we went ahead and bought a brand new car last night – a Subaru Forester. We wanted something that gets decent gas mileage, has AWD, and scored incredibly well in safety tests and this car matched all three requirements. Add to that fact that we paid $600 […]


Money Mistake Monday – Owe More Than It’s Worth Syndrome.

Have you ever gone to trade in a car you “own” only to find that you owe more on it than anyone will give you for it? I am sure a lot of people have; I have too. I once had a Volvo that while I had gotten a great deal on it at the […]

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