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Consumer Reports List Of The 10 Best Cars For 2008 Has Arrived.

And Toyota won every single category. Almost. I look forward to this list each and every year just to see who is going to be make it. I watched a news segment on TV the other night that was discussing how the quality of American cars needs to really catch up with Japanese cars in […]


Knight Rider Returning To TV; Suddenly I Am Very Old.

In something not related to personal finance blogging at all, I just read this article on the new Knight Rider TV show returning to NBC next year…same name, different car and cast. (thankfully) Here is the new KITT car: I am feeling ancient right about now, as this used to be one of my favorite […]


Pay By The Miles Driven Instead Of Paying Gas Taxes.

Since no politician in their right mind would consider raising gas taxes right now (although I wish they would), they are trying to come up with alternatives to make sure they increase the taxes that they are collecting. And one way they have come up with is to start charging drivers per mile driven and […]


Does Anyone Actually Receive A New Car For Christmas?

Now that the holiday season is upon us, if you happen to watch any television at all you will see ads from many auto companies telling you that you should give someone a car as a gift. Lexus thinks it’s the only way to get to a woman’s heart – didn’t you know that? People […]


M-Network Group Writing Project – All About Cars And Money.

Being a member of the M-Network has it’s perks – for instance, this week we are all writing about our thoughts about cars and money. You can check out the entire M-Network to see their posts on this subject, as when this post goes live, I will be in Mexico and won’t be able to […]

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