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Money Mistake Monday – The I Fell For Another Car Lease Syndrome.

In this week’s edition of Money Mistake Monday, I am going to talk about car leases. Back in my freewheeling days, I leased cars. Audi’s, to be exact. After driving a Honda Civic into the ground, I decided I deserved better so I leased a brand new Audi A4…man that was a nice car. I […]


Some Californians Are Paying $5.00 For A Gallon Of Regular Unleaded Gasoline.

Luckily that’s not me…yet. Prices are going to rise sharply sometime soon everywhere because the price at our pumps has not truly reflected the price of crude oil. Right now, we are paying $3.49 per gallon, which is the second highest I have seen it here in Southern California since I moved here 12 years […]


Quite Possibly The Funniest Car Commercial I Have Ever Seen.

If this isn’t enough to make me buy a Toyota, I don’t know what is. I watched it 3 times this morning, and laughed harder each time: Nice job Toyota…I think I will go out and pick up a RAV4 today.


The Benefits Of Run-Flat Tires Far Outweigh Their Expense.

I have been giving this some thought lately as our Mini Cooper has had to have 3 run-flat tires replaced in the past 20 months. Why? Well, the first one was because I did not know you could actually patch run-flats…the dealer said no and proceeded to put a new on on the car after […]


Sam’s Club To Sell Lithium Powered Smart Car This Christmas.

As you might have read before on my site, I am not a fan of anything related to Wal-Mart (I won’t get into it here), but I do think it is pretty cool that they are going to be selling a Lithium-Battery powered Smart Car from Sam’s Club stores this Christmas. For only $35,000 you […]

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